Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate #3 Analysis

Your exclusive Between the Columns analysis for the third Presidential debate:

Politically, Debate #3 was quite similar to Debate #1: Obama edged out on style, and it was a draw on substance. And, just like in Debate #1, Obama appealed to women, and McCain appealed to men.

On both points (style and gender), Obama wins, albeit by a slim margin. Yes, the polls will show a larger margin than the real margin (just like Debate #1), but, with an 8 to 14 point lead for Obama, even a slim win is like a good bunt with the bases loaded -- you still run up the score.


McCain came across like the church lady, a little too sanctimonious as well as high and mighty. And once Joe the Plumber adjusts his income for his business expenses, he'll get tax relief under Obama. If McCain had a brain he would have left Joe the Plumber out of this, cause it's gonna wind up all over his (McCains)face.


I agree with everything except the Joe the Plumber thing. I am quite concerned that Joe the Plumber might become an iconic symbol (vs. a person) that speaks to an overall aversion to progressive taxation in our nation.

No longer will Obama's 95% tax break line work if people get stuck on a symbol of an "everyday guy" like a plumber getting taxed more under Obama's plan.

No matter that Joe himself actually won't get a tax increase. No matter that even if he did get an increase it would be minimal. It's very hard to fight symbols with facts.

By the way, McCain struggles with similar iconic issues -- like Bush = Republican. In fact, Bush is just a republican by party affiliation, not by ideology or practice. Yet John McCain needs to run against Bush and Obama. Tough road, as we can all see.