Thursday, June 18, 2009

You've been spotted

I just received this image in my inbox:

Mind you, this is not the only anti-Obama/Democrat mail I've received in the past few months. It's merely one in a litany of propagandist campaigns designed to continue to drum up opposition to the Democratic approach to managing America's problems.

I feel strongly that propaganda is wrong. It's misleading, unbalanced, and designed around a pre-conceived agenda. In other words, it robs us from the freedom of thought. It creates a narrow perspective from which to view reality. This, to me, is anti-freedom, which is anti-American.

So, in the name of freedom, what needs to be said is that while Democrats are surely not wary of raising taxes, it should be heard loud and clear that the reason they're so bent on raising taxes is not to line their own pockets (which is precisely what capitalists do when they raise your rates and raise prices on goods and services). Rather, Democrats raise taxes in an attempt to solve the country's problems. Democrats simply believe that the free market is not the right vehicle to solve social problems on its own. Democrats believe that social problems are best solved with social funds.

Now, you and I (and others) can disagree on what social problems need solving. And we can disagree on whether private or social funds are best suited to solve social problems. That's a fair debate. But what's very uncool is turning this overarching Democratic philosophy of how to solve social problems and turning it into a "I want your money" propaganda message as this cartoon depicts.

Propaganda is used by those who are afraid of losing on the merits.