Wednesday, January 21, 2009

(The first day) Of change and leadership

President Obama, master of the symbolic sphere, launched some serious symbols at us and the Middle East today.   The few detractors and cynics out there will surely lament that signing executive orders and making phone calls is not change we can believe in -- it's merely the low-hanging fruit that feels better than it means.

But I would argue that these symbols are tools of leadership that help set a tone, expectations and context for an organization.  As such, these early moves are imminently powerful, timely and are in fact the seeds of a culture that will grow and blossom over time in-line with Obama's philosophy and values.  This is how the process leadership works. 

You may or may not like Obama, agree with his policies, or trust him.  But Day One have proven to be yet another case study in Obama's effective leadership abilities.